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#AskSendzik – Chat about Queenston St.

#AskSendzik – Chat about Queenston St.

#AskSendzik – Chat about Queenston St.

#AskSendzik – Chat about Queenston St. 

Queenston St.

The former General Hospital on Queenston St. Photo by St. Catharines Standard

On June 23 I had a great chat with the St. Catharines Standard for our monthly #AskSendzik discussion – a chance to answer questions from the community and talk about some of the biggest news stories from St. Catharines.

One of the biggest topics of conversation this week was the former General Hospital on Queenston St. There is a lot of interest from the public about what could be coming to this site. The redevelopment of Queenston St. is a huge opportunity and a key priority in Council’s Strategic Plan.

To date the property owner has applied for a demolition permit and the site is staged with construction equipment and ready to go. We expect to see plans for residential redevelopment come forward soon. Combined with the ongoing road reconstruction and underground utility works, Queenston St. will see major changes. While we’re going through this period of change, I want to thank the local residents and businesses for your patience during construction.

Watch my video chat with Karena for more details about the Queenston site and other major developments coming soon across St. Catharines including:

All of these construction projects will have to come to City Council for planning approvals. At that point full details will be shared with the public. Council is committed to working together with the development community to see these sites renewed and redeveloped.

Altogether, we’re about to see a lot of construction taking place at major sites across the city. Over the past several years we’ve seen a lot of public sector investment into new facilities, cultural spaces and infrastructure and now, the growth is coming from the private sector with new residential buildings and new businesses taking shape. It’s an exciting time for our city and I’m proud to see this kind of progress start to move forward.

Watch our video chat for more on these developments and other events coming up this summer. We’ll be back in September for #AskSendzik. In the meantime, you can always reach me here or at by emailing mayor@stcatharines.ca