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Council meeting update: mental health and community support

Council meeting update: mental health and community support

Council meeting update: mental health and community support

Mental Health and Community Support

Nov. 14, 2018

This Council term continued with two more meetings before the Inauguration of the new Council in December. On Monday we discussed a number of issues: developments, community consultation on recreational cannabis stores and we heard from community members about mental health issues affecting our city.

Mental health affects us all

The reality is that mental health affects us all. Over the last several months I’ve heard from many of you who have been impacted by mental health. I’ve met with concerned family members and groups of citizens, the Niagara Suicide Prevention Coalition and agencies.

In September my office convened a meeting with service providers, shelters and the Niagara Health System to talk about the challenges impacting our community and to start to think about solutions.

Council’s request for safety barriers is one part of the solution. It is about public safety. The other part of the solution is with services – making sure we have the supports and services that we need in the community for people struggling with their mental health and wellness. I think we all know that we have work to do to improve access to mental health services in Niagara – and across the country. It will take more than volunteers and community agencies to do the work.

This is one step. The next step will be continuing to work with Niagara Region, Niagara Health System and the local agencies that provide compassionate care. We also have to work together to get more funding for health care and mental health services in Niagara.

I want to share support for the Niagara Suicide Prevention Coalition and all of the service providers for their work to support people in mental health crisis. We need you and we know we need to support you.

If you know someone who needs help please contact a crisis line: