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Happy Birthday St. Catharines

Happy Birthday St. Catharines

Happy Birthday St. Catharines! Today we turn 141 years old – St. Catharines was incorporated as a city on May 1, 1876.

We should be proud of our past – our important role in the History of the Underground Railroad in Canada, the construction of the first Welland Canal, Montebello Park was our first parkland and designed by Frederick Law Olmstead who later created Central Park in NYC and we were the first location in the world to have a working interurban electric streetcar route.

St. Catharines has an amazing future ahead including being the most sustainable, innovative, dynamic and livable city in North America. This is a goal that is within us to achieve!

Fun facts about St. Catharines:
– The REO (first car to travel across Canada from coast-to-coast was made in St. Catharines
– In the 1920’s Gideon Sundback put St. Catharines on the fashion map when he invented the zipper
– The Grand Opera House opened on Ontario St in 1877.
– In 1877, there were 22 small builders and contractors in the city building homes and estates
– From 1861 to 1911, the city doubled its population size from 6284 in 1861 to 12484 in 1911.