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St. Catharines: A Compassionate City

St. Catharines: A Compassionate City

St. Catharines is a growing city. An ever-changing community of vibrant neighbourhoods, strong local businesses and amazing people. Our city is no stranger to hard work and innovation. The spirit of the St. Catharines citizens who built this community lives on today.

The wealth and well-being of our city is measured by the health and well-being of everyone. As a growing city we are not immune to the challenges of other cities: poverty, homelessness, mental health and creating prosperity for all.  These are challenges that we must work collectively to address.

There are many aspects to a compassionate city. Get involved in something that’s meaningful for you whether it’s helping the homeless, on the sports field, at your business, helping seniors living in isolation or at your place of worship.

We have what it takes to make St. Catharines a place where everyone belongs.  The success of our city depends on our residents, community partners, schools and businesses working together. We must set goals, identify challenges and together find solutions to make this great city even greater.

By signing the Compassionate STC Charter you are committing to being an active participant in building this future for St. Catharines.

Learn more, sign the charter and share your stories and ideas at www.compassionatestc.ca 

St. Catharines: A Compassionate City