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Mayor’s Poetry Challenge Winner

Mayor’s Poetry Challenge Winner

Mayor’s Poetry Challenge Winner

Congratulations to John MacEachern, winner of the Mayor’s Poetry Contest to celebrate Poetry Month in April and promote literacy, arts, culture and reading in our community.

Although John has studied poetry this is the first poem that he has written. I also enjoyed hearing why he wrote the poem – he had come home from work and was feeling under the weather, he read about the poetry challenge and decided the wrote the poem to cheer himself up. I love how this poetry contest has inspired members of our community to utilize their creative outlets.

I want to thank everyone who submitted an original piece. It was tough to select just one poem about the water surrounds us and I think you’ll enjoy this piece by John.


We drink from the water of our lives

The rivers lakes and streams

Offering to life the simplicity of nature

How often have we wondered

at the ever changing mood of the vistas before us

and said those simple lines

The lakes locked together

The city a garden of people

The four seasons are wrapped around the power of water

To be soft and hard

Joyous and somber

Bridges and canals beaches and boats

All paying respect to the freedom water has to go it’s own way

And who doesn’t remember that

Special day they had on the water

The freedom and joy of being afloat on the waves

Riding the tide

Watching the sun go down

The lake the horizon

Water has it’s own language

Fluid and fluent in all dialects

A concern to see things grow

And for most of us it has always been a friend

Someone you could always count on

Enjoying the harmony the earth allows

Content to relax amidst the ever raging torrent of life

Hoping we come to see the smile

She hides in the waves of delight