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Niagara mayors thank residents and businesses for efforts to contain COVID-19

Niagara mayors thank residents and businesses for efforts to contain COVID-19

Niagara mayors thank residents and businesses for efforts to contain COVID-19

With the Ontario government in a position to move Niagara into the red level of its provincial framework that guides regions through the reopening of the economy on Monday, March 1, 11 of Niagara’s 12 mayors are supportive of the move to red – control measures.

Niagara Health and Niagara Region Public Health have done an outstanding job in working to protect our residents. Those working in long-term care and within Niagara’s healthcare system have truly been on the front lines of managing the impacts of COVID-19. The past two months have been particularly challenging as the loss of life due to the virus has surpassed the loss of life during the first wave of COVID-19. This demonstrates how devastating the virus can be if we let our guard down.

Niagara residents and businesses have really stepped up to contain COVID-19. Most indicators in Niagara demonstrate that COVID-19 has been greatly reduced in communities across the region. Combined with the vaccination of long-term care facilities and higher-risk retirement homes, and with the continued vaccination of health care workers, Niagara is positioned to move into this next stage.

As Niagara moves through the stages of re-opening, it is critical that everyone continues to be vigilant about protecting themselves, family and friends as new variants are proving to be more contagious. Vaccination of the general population – starting with the oldest demographics – is only scheduled to begin in the next few weeks, which means we must all keep focused on containing the virus – including any new variants.

Moving to red is only one step towards opening up the economy – but all steps must be done in a way that balances the need to contain COVID-19 and allow people and businesses to adjust within each re-opening stage. A balanced approach to reopening the economy while protecting the health and wellbeing of our residents is paramount.

Please continue to follow all Niagara Public Heath guidelines and for all information related to COVID-19 in Niagara, and for further information about vaccinations please visit www.niagararegion.ca.

Thank you,


Mayor Wayne Redekop, Fort Erie                              Mayor Walter Sendzik, St. Catharines

Mayor Jeff Jordan, Grimsby                                         Mayor Terry Ugulini, Thorold

Mayor Sandra Easton, Lincoln                                     Mayor Kevin Gibson, Wainfleet

Mayor Jim Diodati, Niagara Falls                                Mayor Frank Campion, Welland

Mayor Marvin Junkin, Pelham                                    Mayor Dave Bylsma, West Lincoln

Mayor Bill Steele, Port Colborne