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Spotlight on St. Catharines Residents

Spotlight on St. Catharines Residents

Spotlight on St. Catharines Residents

During the month of June prior to St. Catharines City Council we have put a spotlight on some individuals here in St. Catharines to recognize their great achievements in sport, education and leadership.

Congratulations to Matthew Ryan, Kevin Strooband and Dheiksha Jayasankar for your accomplishments.

Matthew Ryan

We congratulate Matthew on winning the gold medal at the 2019 Boxing Canada Championships. Matthew has been a member of the St. Catharines Amateur Boxing Club for four years. This year, after a lot of intense training, Matthew put on a strong performance and won the Boxing Canada Championship in his weight class. Matthew ~ you’ve brought great pride to your family, your Club and your community. Your achievements are a testament to your talent, your commitment to hard work and your perseverance. You are a role model for youth throughout our community

Kevin Strooband

Kevin is the Executive Director at Lincoln County Humane Society received the Humane Canada Animal Welfare and Leadership Award at the 6th Annual National Animal Welfare Conference in Montreal this past spring. We are grateful for your dedication and advocacy for the health, safety and protection of our animals in our community and across the province. For those of us who are animal lovers, we especially appreciate your work

Dheiksha Jayasankar

Dheiksha is only 15 years old but her accomplishments as a young scientist are far beyond her years. Dheiksha is well known locally for her annual success at the Niagara Regional Science Fair. She earned her way to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix Arizona in May. Competing against 1800 participants from 80 countries – Dheiksha won fourth place, an outstanding accomplishment. In recognition of her dedication and achievements in the field of science, the National Science Teachers Association presented Dheiksha with the Angela Award at her alma mater ~ Power Glen. She is the first Canadian student to receive this accolade 🇨🇦! Dheiksha you are an inspiration to your peers and a mentor to all young women with an interest in science. We need young women to pursue careers in STEM

Congratulations again to these three individuals who are putting St. Catharines on the map and always remember your roots here in your hometown St. Catharines.

#OurHomeSTC will be cheering you on in all your future endeavours!