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Statement from Mayor Walter Sendzik declaring state of emergency in St. Catharines

Statement from Mayor Walter Sendzik declaring state of emergency in St. Catharines

April 3, 2020 – Today I am joining my fellow Niagara Mayors by declaring a state of emergency in the City of St. Catharines due to COVID-19.  This decision was made in consultation with the City’s chief administrative officer Shelley Chemnitz.

COVID-19 is in our community, it is affecting our families and our health care system. I know that many of you are doing your part to stay home and prevent the spread of this virus, and I am grateful for your efforts. We are at a critical time in our fight against this virus and we all need to mobilize our efforts even more to protect as many people as possible. We are all on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

I am making this declaration today alongside City Council, Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley, and the mayors of Niagara because we are all in this together. I am making this declaration to reinforce the seriousness of this health emergency.

With warm weather here and faith-based holidays coming up, I am strongly urging everyone to stay home and protect your loved ones. We must do this now to protect the healthcare workers and hospitals from being overwhelmed, to protect our loved ones from sickness and to protect the workers who are still working hard to keep essential services flowing.

We will get through this unprecedented crisis and we will do it together as a community. Generations before us have risen to the challenges of their times and we are doing the same. Through our collective courage and sacrifices, through our compassion for our neighbours, friends and family, through unity in our fight against this unseen enemy, we will see better days. For today, do your part: stay home and stay safe.



Additional resources

For information on City closures and updates on COVID-19 visit www.stcatharines.ca/COVID19.

To request enforcement of provincial orders:

For after-hour concerns or complaints of an urgent nature please contact Niagara Regional Police on their non-emergency line at 905.688.4111