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Tags: Governance

‘St. Catharines is going in a great direction’

‘St. Catharines is going in a great direction’

Oct 22, 2018 by Karena Walter  The St. Catharines Standard Mayor Walter Sendzik says he received a clear mandate from St. Catharines residents after winning almost 72 per cent of the vote in Monday night’s election. “Very, very excited,” Sendzik said, after the majority of results came in. “It’s a feeling of relief and, also, I’m humbled […]

Moving Forward with Governance Reform

St. Catharines City Council is looking to change the way it elects regional councillors for the 2018 municipal election. The double-direct model recommended will have 6 city councillors also serve on regional council, filling a dual-councillor role. Watch this video to learn why this change matters and how it will improve communication, transparency and accountability between […]