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Transit Progress Report

Transit Progress Report

Transit Progress Report

Inter-municipal Transit Working Group Progress Report

Sept. 12, 2016 – Since January 2016, a working group of Niagara Mayors has been working with a team to develop options for an integrated inter-municipal transit system  for all of Niagara. Over the summer months the team has consulted with the business community and top regional employers, as well as service agencies and the health sector for their input into the future of intermunicipal transit in Niagara. Their feedback during these sessions showed strong support for cooperation and transit integration.

In August the consulting team presented a progress report to the Inter-municipal Transit Working Group with preliminary options for future service plans and governance models. The working group is continuing to work with the consulting team to refine these options with further details and financial implications.

Read the progress report and preliminary recommendations for improving transit in the region.

The Inter-municipal Transit Working Group is led by the Mayors and CAOs from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls with support from the Regional Chair and Niagara Region CAO and technical staff. The group has been working in cooperation to find a preferred model for transit services in the region and has worked to continue to make improvements to the exiting Niagara Region Transit service during the pilot period.

We all agree that public transit and inter-municipal transit is vital for the future of our region and economic growth. It is a strategic priority of Regional Council and is an important strategic priority of our local city councils. Collectively the working group looks forward to presenting the options for improved transit in the near future and continuing to work together with our staff and transit managers towards full implementation.